EDD 2018 Project Lab

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SAVE THE DATE – Project Lab at EDD 2018 on Wednesday June 6 at 13:00 – Room S4 on Women Empowerment in Green Business Development 

The session presents stories of women entrepreneurs from around the world who have been agents of change driving the green economy transition and creating jobs.

It builds on the experience of the SWITCH programmes in Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean and the One Planet Network programme for Sustainable Lifestyles and Education, in developing partnerships with the private sector to shift behaviour and practice, towards SCP patterns.

The lab is expected to generate a debate on capacitating women as local business leaders, with a variety of roles, ranging from being enablers of new eco-entrepreneurship to providing new trends in sustainable consumption. The session will also focus on need for policy support to scale-up best practices and further support to women as promoters of green entrepreneurship.


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Jens Kristian Nørgaard (Key Expert SWITCH to Green)

Isabelle Demolin (Communication Expert SWITCH to Green)