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SWITCH to Green works to strengthen the networks and supports that feed green commerce. Not only do SWITCH regional programmes help to boost the market, but the focus on knowledge sharing gives MSMEs and eco-entrepreneurs access to EU Good Practices and advice. By opening the channels between the public and private sectors and encouraging eco-incentives, the flagship initiative aims at creating an enabling environment where eco-entrepreneurship can thrive. SWITCH to Green, through its numerous environmental programmes and grant projects offers financial support for the private sector to develop and invest in SCP.

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21st European Forum on Eco-innovation, Sofia, Bulgaria, 5-6 February 2018.

The Forum will examine eco-innovative solutions for improving air quality. It will bring together companies and public authorities that have already succeeded in developing and deploying effective new technologies, or innovative business and governance models, with those who are looking for such solutions and practices. In particular, air pollution originating from energy use, transport and […]


New Chatham House Briefing | The Circular Economy in Developing Countries

A Wider Circle? The Circular Economy in Developing Countries. Lower-income countries are in many ways more ‘circular’ than their developed-economy counterparts – the question is how to turn this into a development opportunity. Full publication here.


World Forum on Natural Capital, Edinburgh, 27-28 November 2017

BETTER DECISIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD Business leaders, government representatives and environmental experts from around the world will gather in Edinburgh this November for the third World Forum on Natural Capital. Visit


Come and meet artisans associated to the EU Switch projects in the Global Village at EDD 2017

  Visit the SWITCH exhibition stand (# 12) – Building a global community of sustainable enterprises improving livelihoods. Discover what we want to tell you during our pitch session, a new formula where exhibitors are invited to highlight in 2 minutes and 4 narrative visuals their best practices.

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