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SWITCH to Green works with various EU actors to enhance international progress towards green transition. Through technical assistance, including information and capacity building, the SWITCH to Green Facility assists EU Delegations and Directorates in effecting an inclusive green economy. The Facility works closely with EU DG International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO) units to assist them in identifying, formulating, monitoring and coordinating actions promoting an inclusive green economy.

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SWITCH-Asia Project: A Catalyst for New Regulation on Construction Demolition Waste (CDW) Management in Mongolia

Mongolia has a new regulation consisting of the Waste Law, the Construction Law and applicable laws. The regulation, enacted on 27 February 2020,  improves the management and structure of construction and demolition waste, minimise its negative impacts on the environment and human health, prevent potential hazards and risks. It strengthens Mongolia’s circular economy through the […]


The EU leads global efforts on the Circular Economy with its new Action Plan

To successfully deliver on its European Green Deal ambition, the EU needs to drive a global transition to a carbon-neutral, resource-efficient and circular economy, where resource use is decoupled from economic growth. Building on the work done on circular economy since 2015, the adopted plan focuses on resource intensive sectors where the potential for circularity […]


Supporting the circular economy: illustrations from the EU SWITCH programmes

The new DEVCO publication “Supporting the Circular Economy” gathers practices from the EU SWITCH programmes. It takes us to a journey across selected economic sectors, with a view to inspiring and encouraging a switch to green, notably circular, practices. Facts and figures on the environmental impact of economic activities are used to explain the challenges […]


Stefano Manservisi opens the EU regional circular economy conference in Dakar

More than 250 participants attended, including Ministers, finance institutions, the private sector and civil society. EUDs in Gambia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Niger also attended. Press gave high visibility. The conference highlighted West African governments’ commitment to circular economy as a feasible economic model contributing to the Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement. Governments […]


Let’s promote Sustainable Tourism together – SwitchMed launches a series of travel guides

The Switchers Travel Guides highlight sustainable businesses in 6 countries from the Mediterranean: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia. The aim is to provide an alternative to conventional tourism hotspots, and encourage authentic interactions with local communities and businesses that have positive social and environmental impacts. Together, let’s promote a more sustainable tourism through these green […]

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