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SWITCH to Green works with various EU actors to enhance international progress towards green transition. Through technical assistance, including information and capacity building, the SWITCH to Green Facility assists EU Delegations and Directorates in effecting an inclusive green economy. The Facility works closely with EU DG International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO) units to assist them in identifying, formulating, monitoring and coordinating actions promoting an inclusive green economy.

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Promoting the transition to a green and circular economy: the SWITCH to Green Facility

A new brochure now shows examples of how the SWITCH to Green Facility works with European Commission services and development partners across the globe. It outlines the services provided by the Facility and of the process to access them. The publications describes  the benefits to those who have received the Facility’s technical assistance. The Facility […]


Contest encourages entrepreneurs to build back better in Latin America

Dozens of eco-conscious young entrepreneurs from across Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico have entered a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) contest designed to help them supercharge their ideas. The budding founders, all university students, are part of the Innovation for Sustainable Lifestyles competition. The initiative will help 25 short-listed candidates develop their planet-friendly business ideas […]


New publication to accelerate green procurement

Public agencies around the world have realized that public procurement is not a mere administrative procedure but a powerful instrument that can be leveraged to achieve the sustainability goals of the organization.  This strategic use of public procurement has been recognised as key to the global effort for sustainability, important enough to have a specific target […]


SWITCH-Asia supports creative campaign in Myanmar addressing environmental impact

The SWITCH-Asia Programme joins the Doh Gabar campaign to raise awareness in Myanmar about the urgent need to take action against climate change and protect the world’s environment. The six-week multimedia digital exhibition features  the creative works of Myanmar visual artists, celebrities, and eco-champions. On biodiversity, climate change, forestry, air pollution, as well as single […]


Green recovery remains high on the agenda

The Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) presents a COVID 19 hub consisting of a data observatory, analytic tools and covid updates from partner organisations. As attention turns to managing the economic fallout from COVID-19, national and global recovery plans will determine if future threats to human wellbeing, to our economies and to the […]

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