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SWITCH to Green works to strengthen the networks and supports that feed green commerce. Not only do SWITCH regional programmes help to boost the market, but the focus on knowledge sharing gives MSMEs and eco-entrepreneurs access to EU Good Practices and advice. By opening the channels between the public and private sectors and encouraging eco-incentives, the flagship initiative aims at creating an enabling environment where eco-entrepreneurship can thrive. SWITCH to Green, through its numerous environmental programmes and grant projects offers financial support for the private sector to develop and invest in SCP.

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SWITCH ASIA II Programme New call for proposals Information Session

SWITCH-Asia II launches its third call for proposals with a total budget of EUR 45.700.000 of which EUR 32.700.000 for Asia (South and South-East Asia) and EUR 13.000.000 for Central Asia. Each funding grant ranging from EUR 1-3 million. Proposals for SWITCH-Asia II are welcome from business intermediaries (business associations, industry organisations, service providers), as well as SMEs' business partners (such as retailers or financial institutions) and policy makers at regional and local level.



How can we lift millions out of poverty, create 600+ million jobs, reduce inequalities, protect the environment and grow the economy?


PAGE Ministerial Conference 2019 – High-level Media debate – What makes your country wealthy?

On 9 January (6:00 PM SAST / 5:00 PM CET), join the Green Economy Coalition, the Green Growth Knowledge Platform, and the Partnership for Action on Green Economy for a televised debate hosted by CNBC Africa where leaders from business, politics, and NGO's will ask - have we been getting "wealth" wrong all these years?


Call for Contributions open – Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption Conference – 26 – 29 June 2019 – Hong Kong: Deadline 21 January 2019

The conference is organized to identify insights and linkages across the SPAC research themes and actively bridge research with policy and practice. The scope covers local and global issues and interconnections across scales, connecting regions, networks of practitioners and researchers.


Dec 3 – 4 – Annual Coordination Meeting

To facilitate dialogue, share lessons and discuss emerging priorities, DG DEVCO organises an annual coordination meeting involving Commission services and development partners involved in some of the main green economy initiatives supported by the EU.

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