Green Economy: Results and Indicators for Development

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This guidance for action design has been developed by INPTA Unit  “Evaluation and Results” jointly with INTPA Thematic Units.

It is addressed to all colleagues involved in the preparation of action documents and project documents and offers a handy tool to develop solid logical framework matrices. It identifies clear and measurable results statements that are in line with INTPA policy priorities, as well as with the UN Sustainable  Development Goals (SDGs), along with a range of good indicators to monitor progress. It will be updated regularly to reflect evolving priorities.

Its main objective is to enhance the quality of INTPA interventions – both in terms of design as well
as of monitoring and reporting in the course of implementation.

The need for this type of guidance was identified in the framework of the results-reporting process led by INTPA 0 “Evaluation and Results” , as well as through its systematic review of all action documents presented to Quality Review Group meetings.The present guidance covers INTPA strategies in various sectors, and presents for each sector:

1. EU policy priorities: a short narrative explaining EU policy priorities and commitments as articulated in key policy and strategic documents.

2. Results Chain: a diagram showing the main results (impact, outcomes, outputs) that EU development interventions are expected to achieve in the sector, reflecting EU policy priorities and commitments.

3. List of Sector Indicators: examples of measurable indicators associated to each result statement are provided, that may be used in Logframe Matrices at project/ programme level.

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