The Forest for the Future Facility: F4

What is F4


The Forests for the Future Facility (F4) was launched in 2020, to support cooperation in the forest sector, with a 4-year mandate. F4 assists DG INTPA  in implementing EU global forest policy objectives and actions, linked to protecting and supporting the sustainable use of forests. F4 services are available to partner countries and EU Delegations through INTPA F2 for both remote and in-country technical assistance in the following areas:

– Country- and regional-level programming (MFF 2021-2027);

– Promotion of an enabling business environment for sustainable forest-based value chains;

– Policy development and dialogue on forests;

– Capacity and knowledge development, communication and outreach.


The aim of Forest Partnerships is to protect and ensure the sustainable use of forests through sustainable forest management and good forest governance, recognising the specific needs of local communities and indigenous peoples, ensuring stable and legal business environments, and the sustainability of trade in forest products and other commodities that drive deforestation. Ensuring the protection of forests and their sustainable use are critical for development in many of our tropical partner countries. Enhancing the multi-functional role of forests can help deliver on key Commission strategic priorities from the Green Deal, to growth and jobs, to reducing inequalities and building inclusive societies. Establishing forest partnerships can catalyse EU and Member States ambitions and enable a holistic and integrated #TeamEurope approach to forests.

What is a

What services
does F4

F4 provides strategic and technical support in sustainable forest management and forest-related value chains.
F4 supports the creation of improved business environments and innovative financial mechanisms for forests.
F4 feeds policy dialogues and fosters coordination among forest stakeholders.
F4 provides strategy and tools for inclusive communication and knowledge sharing.

Forests for the Future is managed by DG International Partnerships Unit F2 – Environment, Natural Resources, Water



F4 Team Leader Egger Topper


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The Forest for the Future Facility is implemented by Particip.