Tools for the transtion to a green and circular economy

Results Chain and Indicators

The publication Green Economy  – Sector Indicator Guidance presents a Results Chain pinpointing to impact, outcomes and outputs that EU development interventions are expected to achieve in the sector, reflecting EU policy priorities and commitments.

Additionally, a list of Sector Indicators is provided as examples of measurable indicators associated to each result statement. The stated indicators may be used in Logframe Matrices at project/ programme level.

Both – results chain and indicator set – serve as useful tool during programme and project design. The publication is addressed to those involved in the preparation of action documents and project documents and offers a handy tool to develop solid logical framework matrices. Its main objective is to enhance the quality of INTPA interventions – both in terms of design as well as of monitoring and reporting in the course of implementation.


The Reference Document


The green economy — which the EU defines as an ‘economy that can secure growth and development, while at the same time improving human well-being, providing decent jobs, reducing inequalities, tackling poverty and preserving the natural capital upon which we all depend’ — is key in this context.

This  Reference Document on the inclusice green economy  aims at promoting a better understanding of the green economy, giving policy and operational guidance and presenting best practices. In particular, it provides definitions and explains the rationale for cooperation on the green economy, in line with EU policies and the growing interest in partner countries. It presents the state of play of EU actions, including results achieved and lessons learnt. It describes options to support the green economy, through dedicated interventions and by integrating green economy issues across relevant sectors, and provides selected references and tools. As such, it contributes to the EU’s efforts to implement the 2030 Agenda, the new European Consensus on Development and the EU CEAP.

This document responds to the need for more guidance and a better appropriation of lessons learnt.




Not just another database

The interactive map is conceived as a gateway providing information on InclusiveGreen Economy-related activities (including their objectives, status, results, partners, funders and budgets) implemented with EU support. Each individual project or programme is linked to its related Sustainable Development Goal(s) SDG-and 10YFP  programme, showing the concrete contribution of the EU to the sustainable consumption and production (SCP)-related objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Projects can be searched using keywords or using pre-set filters according to the following criteria:

•   Country

•   Donor

•   Sector

•   Theme

•   Driver for scaling up

•   Beneficiary

•   Implementing organisation

•   Status (ongoing or finalised)

When clicking on a sector, a list of relevant projects will appear.  A click on one project provides full data, references and useful links.