The European Union Greening Facility

Do you need advice to help you better integrate the environment and climate change in a project or a programme? Do you need to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment for an agricultural value chain project, for example? Or a Climate Risk Assessment for a transport sector programme? Or maybe you need to commission a Strategic Environmental Assessment in the context of an energy sector reform contract?

The European Union Greening Facility helps colleagues build their knowledge on the integration of environment and climate change in external actions and provides guidance on how to identify and maximise opportunities to green programmes and projects.

To support efforts to implement the Green Deal and help partners engage in transformative change, the EU Greening Facility offers remote and on-site assistance to EU staff and national partners.


Services provided:

Raising awareness and increasing the understanding of EU staff and partner countries regarding the importance of effectively and systematically integrating environment, biodiversity, climate change and disaster risk reduction in policies programmes, investments and budget support operations.

Building capacities and strengthening knowledge of all stakeholders, in particular of EU staff, through training, sharing of knowledge and expertise and other capacity development activities. 

Tracking financial flows: systematically checking that all financial contributions to environment, biodiversity, climate and disaster risk reduction objectives are captured, in compliance with applicable guidelines, and that the contribution of the EU to these objectives is monitored, analysed and reported on.

Reviewing actions for all programmes, blending/investments and budget support operations and providing support during the design phase to enhance the integration of environment, biodiversity, climate and disaster risk reduction as well as to support the implementation of the Green Deal and the achievement of targets.

Developing and promoting guidance material and mainstreaming tools to green EU partnerships, and promote their use for successful implementation.

Remote and on-site technical assistance (helpdesk): we provide support to integrate the environment and climate change into all phases of the cycle of operations: programming, identification, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and financial tracking of EU cooperation.


The European Commission Directorate-General for International Partnerships (INTPA) has developed a comprehensive toolbox to support environment and climate change mainstreaming in EU International Cooperation and Partnerships.

You can find here the main tools available: