Catalysing policy change for Circular Economic Transition through local enterprises in East Africa

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Local Green Enterprises in East Africa are already adapting and evolving towards circular and green production of goods and services in response to changing climate, unsustainable resource use, pollution and ecosystem decline. The Green Economy Coalition hubs will lead a panel debate that will examine MSME solutions to create better policies, improved governance and social equality, across the fields of alternative energy, waste recycling, and ecosystem services.

The session will highlight learnings from East Africa, offer recommendations for unlocking citizen led change, and introduce the Green Economy Tracker as an evolving tool that incorporating Circular Economic indicators to assist transition dialogues for policy makers, businesses, and citizens. It will also discuss how citizen-led approaches are a necessary complement to policy initiatives

The session is aimed at policy makers (across the intersection of finance, planning, local and municipal government, environment), financial service providers, local government, small business support practitioners, civil society representatives, and MSME representatives.