The SWITCH to Green Facility shares and effectively communicates knowledge to the target groups. Facility experts design and deliver outreach activities and publications in consultation with European Commission staff, notably in DG INTPA and at EU Delegations. As a cross-cutting aspect, the Facility promotes EU visibility in all related actions.

Communicating impacts

Making information on policy developments and impact accessible, and approachable, is essential to the mandate of the Facility. Brochures and publications with concise and relevant information are fundamental to reaching target audiences.

Inspiring and learning
When policies and programmes are implemented, they turn into stories on the ground. The SWITCH to Green Facility produces publications showcasing successful actions with strong replication potential. The brochure “Supporting the Circular Economy” for example, takes the audience on a journey across selected economic sectors, with a view to inspiring and encouraging a switch to green, notably circular, practices. For the publication the Facility collected facts and figures on the environmental impact of economic activities in different sectors. The information on each sector is complemented with a case story from a project that highlights the perspective of a beneficiary.

Showcasing actions and visualizing approaches
For the publication “Supporting the Circular Economy” the Facility developed a set of infographics
and animated illustrations highlighting circular approaches in value chains. The Facility visualises tangible practices to highlight replication potential.