EDD 2018 Project Lab – Invitation & agenda announcement 31/05/2018

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Invitation to the Lab Debate on Women Empowerment in Green Business              Development

By exploring ways of empowering women as drivers of sustainable growth and job creation, and                                                                                              getting engaged in greening economies, the session focusses on women and environment, and                                                                                          women in the urban space and in rural development.

The EU SWITCH programme funds projects focusing on green entrepreneurship in both peri-urban                                                                                      and rural areas.

The session will gather the experiences of women who took ownership of their businesses and                                                                                            used their power to promote green growth models that have benefitted their local economies,                                                                                          created decent jobs and positively impacted on their families.

The debate will highlight further needs of women to be engaged in private sector development                                                                                                and their role in shaping future lifestyles. DEVCO Unit C2 is actively supporting the organisation of the                                                                            session.

Moderator       Jens Kristian Norgaard (SWITCH to Green Facility)

Speakers         Ms. Chantal Marijnissen, Head of Unit DEVCO C2

                         Mr. Peter Repinski, Head of Societal Transitions Unit, Stockholm Environment Institute

                         Ms. GoharKhojayan, Head of Communications, Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment

                         Ms. Eunice Ayugi, Sesame Farmer, SWITCH Africa Green project – “Sesame – Green Jobs Uganda”

                         Ms. NardjessMokhtari, Founder of Atelier le Printemps, Textile Company – Algeria

                         Ms. Su Mon Thair, Project Manager, Smart Myanmar, SWITCH-Asia

                         Mr. Thibaut Portevin, Policy Officer, Green Economy, DEVCO C2


Interventions   Ms. BurcuTuncer, Team Leader, Networking and Partnerships, Regional Activity                                                                                                                       Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC)

                          Ms. Chang Yan,Associate Programme Officer, ConsumptionandProduction Unit, UN Environment

                          Mr. Charles Arden-Clarke, Head of the Secretariat of the One Planet Network (10YFP), UN Environment



 Lab Debate ‘Women Empowerment in Green Business Development’

Brussels, European Development Days 2018

Wednesday June 6, 2018

13:00 to 14:15

Room S4


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Jens Kristian Nørgaard (Key Expert SWITCH to Green)

Isabelle Demolin (Communication Expert SWITCH to Green)