Mitigating the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic: updates from EU support to Morocco

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Morocco’s path towards a more competitive economy, resilient, green and inclusive development model is supported by the EU funded PACC programme, a major support component for sectoral reforms with funding from the Moroccan Treasury and a technical assistance component.

In response to COVID-19, PACC has worked towards mitigating impact of the pandemic and has supported reforms underway, including the four national strategies: the Industrial Acceleration Plan, the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion, the Development Plan for Foreign Trade and the National Strategy for Sustainable Development. PACC also includes ongoing grants in favour of micro-entrepreneurship. A partnership has also been established with the Confédération Général des Entreprises du Maroc (CGEM) for the development of a business consulting platform.  Further PACC has made progress in supporting self-employed entrepreneurs, in facilitating match making between between Moroccan start-ups and angel investors and diversifying its export markets with an exporter programme.

In terms of transition to the green economy, Morocco has developed its first platform for processing used batteries and the Ministry of Mines, Energy and the Environment is overseeing the installation of 10 sorting platforms at controlled landfills. In addition to the deployment of the National Waste Recovery Programme, regulatory reforms such as the introduction of the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility and the mandatory energy audit are also targeted. Moreover, a twinning for the operationalisation of the National Charter for the Environment and Sustainable Development has been underway since 2019. The twinning agreement among other things aims to bring Moroccan regulations on environmental protection into line with those of the EU. Twinning will thus enable Morocco to lay the foundations for better pursuit of the sustainable development objectives it has set itself. 

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