Regional Summary of Policy Recommendations to Support the Development of Green and Circular Businesses in the Mediterranean

The publication comprises a SwitchMed_Regional-Summary-of-Policy-Recommendationsset of policy recommendations prepared by a team of experts coordinated by SCP/RAC with the aim to create an enabling environment and remove obstacles for the successful establishment and growth of green and circular economy businesses (also referred to as “sustainable businesses”) in the Mediterranean region. This recommendations were elaborated in the context of the implementation of Barcelona Convention COP21 Decision IG. 24/13 and with the support of the EU-funded SwitchMed Programme.

The document was drafted by a team of experts, coordinated by the SCP/ RAC in view of preparing a “Set of Regional Measures to Support the Development of Green and Circular Businesses and to Strengthen the Demand for more Sustainable Products”, as requested by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention during COP21 in December 2019 (Decision IG. 24/13).

The team of experts developed specific recommendations for each sub-regions and this document constitute an attempt to synthetize the main findings into one document that would serve as reference document for the stakeholders’ consultation process. All the preliminary work and specific information for each country and sub-region are available on the SwitchMed Webpage dedicated to the stakeholders consultation.