SWITCH-Asia Programme open for new, innovative projects on SCP

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A new call for proposals has just been launched to seek for new innovative projects. Projects are expected to be implemented by consortia bringing together expertise from both Europe and Asia and be ideally composed by Micro-Small-and-Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs), retailers, chamber of commerce, industrial clusters or associations, national and regional clean production centres, farmers associations, universities, research centres, centres for technology transfer, I/NGOs, consumer organisations, development organisations, trade federations, labour organisations.

In line with the new priorities of the European Green Deal, proposals are expected to focus on one of these two priorities:

Priority 1: SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION – Support MSMEs in reducing the environmental impact of their industrial production by improving resource efficiency and adopting circular economy practices.

Priority 2: SUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTION – Engaging with consumers on sustainable consumption and production practices.

An information session will be organised on 10 November 2020. To register please send a mail by 9 November to EuropeAid-SWITCH-ASIA@ec.europa.eu indicating the names of the persons who are going to participate as well as their organisation. More information on the Information Session are provided in the Guidelines of the call for proposals.

More information is available on the EuropeAid Website, Calls for Proposals and Tenders.

The SWITCH-Asia Programme, launched in 2007, is part of the EU Flagship Initiative SWITCH to Green and of the Commission’s contribution to the achievement of the SDG12 on Responsible Consumption and Production in Asia. The Programme supports the transition of the region to a low-carbon, resource efficient and circular economy whilst promoting more sustainable supply chains and products between Asia and Europe.