The Facility

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The SWITCH to Green technical assistance Facility provides resources to support the elaboration and implementation of activities contributing to the Flagship Initiative. Tailor-made technical assistance in the following areas responds to needs identified amongst the SWITCH regional programmes: access to finance; policy support; training and toolkits on green economy; communication actions; and private sector development.

The Facility is there to help countries involved in EU development cooperation activities. It assists dialogue and cooperation between the EU and partner countries’ stakeholders promoting a green transition process.

Actions to improve synergies

The Facility has a multi-task role, broken down into three main areas of action:

Technical support to improve programme development

Technical advice is provided to the European Commission and development partners to better identify and formulate actions contributing to the green economy transition in partner countries. The Facility also assists with monitoring and evaluation, with a view to identifying and understanding potential synergies and opportunities to accelerate this transition.  Examples of activities contributing to this result include:

  • Mapping of relevant EU supported green economy initiatives
  • Identification of relevant lessons from the EU’s experience that could feed into the design of the projects
  • Provision of technical inputs during the formulation of projects and programmes
  • Setting up and updating of project monitoring tools.

Dialogue and exchange of experiences

The Facility supports the organisation of policy and learning events to assist coordination and dialogue among inclusive green economy stakeholders. Likewise, the Facility creates dedicated tools contributing to knowledge-sharing.

Knowledge creation and management

The Facility supports the planning and delivery of training and publications, with a view to promoting capitalisation of existing knowledge and EU domestic experience on inclusive green economy.

The main outcomes are expected to be threefold:

Result 1: Improved identification and formulation of new actions contributing to the SWITCH to Green Flagship Initiative;

Result 2: Enhanced dialogue and exchange of experiences on supporting the transformation towards an inclusive green economy between the EU and partner countries;

Result 3: Knowledge is created, shared and communicated in an effective manner amongst the EU and developing countries.