Green recovery remains high on the agenda

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The Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) presents a COVID 19 hub consisting of a data observatory, analytic tools and covid updates from partner organisations. As attention turns to managing the economic fallout from COVID-19, national and global recovery plans will determine if future threats to human wellbeing, to our economies and to the planet are mitigated or amplified. The Partnership for Action on Green Economy is committed to assisting its partners as they navigate the recovery, promoting inclusive green economy plans that will create growth, jobs, and prosperity for all while reducing pressures on the planet.

Additionally, the One Planet Network considers the emergence of zoonotic diseases such as Covid-19 that are closely related to the health of ecosystems, which underpin human health and well-being. The One Planet Network calls for investments in resource-efficient, inclusive, safe, and resilient value chains. Shifting to sustainable consumption and production (Sustainable Development Goal 12) addresses the key drivers of ecosystem disruption, biodiversity loss, resource depletion, and climate change. The need for this shift is also reflected in other targets in the 2030 Agenda. Read more.

Already on World Environment Day, the Green Economy Coalition had called for recovery efforts that recognise the interdependencies between human and environmental health, and aim to build resilience to even more profound risks on the horizon – biodiversity loss, widening inequality and climate change. Read more.