SWITCH-Asia supports creative campaign in Myanmar addressing environmental impact

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The SWITCH-Asia Programme joins the Doh Gabar campaign to raise awareness in Myanmar about the urgent need to take action against climate change and protect the world’s environment. The six-week multimedia digital exhibition features  the creative works of Myanmar visual artists, celebrities, and eco-champions. On biodiversity, climate change, forestry, air pollution, as well as single use plastic and waste, the online exhibition offers information formatted in animations and infographics. Even though,  Doh Gabar is primarily targeted at an Myanmar audience, it is worth seeing for a larger audience because of the creative animations and condensed data packaged in infographics.  The exhibition contains a map displaying environmental initiatives in Myanmar including three EU funded SWITCH-Asia projects promoting sustainable consumption and production by addressing plastic pollution, water conservation and green practises in the garment sector. The campaign is financed by the European Union.