New Learning Opportunities on the Circular Economy

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A set of new, engaging online course will illustrate circular economy principles and systems-based approaches to explore strategies how to redesign our systems, products and services. The new e-course on Circular Economy (CE) hosted by the DG INTPA Academy, aims to strengthen your understanding of circularity, and of policy measures that accelerate the CE transition.

Divided in five sections, the e-course explains what a circular economy transition entails, makes the link with related policy developments, as well as with global challenges and trends, illustrates practical cases from the field, including EU funded projects, and provides information and guidance on monitoring and evaluation.

The e-learning course covers the following topics:

  • Module 1: Going circular what it means and why it matters
  • Module 2: The EU ambition: leading a global transition to the circular economy
  • Module 3: Circular economy transition opportunities
  • Module 4: The circular economy in practice
  • Module 5: Measuring progress towards a circular economy

The modules are designed with a particular focus on European Commission services, but in a comprehensive way that addresses the learning needs of a broader audience interested in the transition towards a circular economy.

With video, multimedia and interactive quizzes, the stand-alone modules hope to attract learners who wish to study at their own pace, whenever and wherever convenient.

The course is free of charge at the DG INTPA Academy – login is required.