Towards a more Sustainable, Digital and Circular Textile and Fashion Value Chain – Insights from circular textiles initiatives across EU and Africa

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Discuss insights from circular textiles initiatives across EU and Africa at a virtual side event at the 7th EU-AFRICA BUSINESS FORUM 2022 .

The global textile and garment industry is expected to double in the next 10 years, generating up to US$5 trillion annually. This sector provides high levels of employment, foreign exchange revenue and products essential to human welfare. The Fashion and clothing industry is a big business in Africa as well. In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, the combined apparel and footwear market is estimated to be worth US$ 31 billion. and is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 5% from 2019-2024.The good news is that African textile and clothing entrepreneurs have begun to gain global recognition as they pioneer strategies to market and brand sustainable fashion concepts grounded in cultural heritage – the “African brand”.

The online event will discuss how fashion entrepreneurs and MSMEs in Africa can build more sustainable, resilient, and circular textile value chains, including the opportunities that arise for trade, investment, and value chain cooperation within the continent and with the EU.

Join the discussion: on Monday, 14.02.2022, 16:00 CET. Register here

Speakers include:

  • Ms Cecile Billaux, European Commission, DG INTPA, Head of Unit, Micro-economic Analysis, Investment Climate, Private Sector, Trade and Employment (INTPA.E.2)
  • Ms Emanuela Gregorio, Economist and Coordinator of the African Development Bank’s Fashionomics Africa initiative
  • Ms Bettina Heller, Programme Officer, UNEP: Presentation of EU-funded InTex project
  • Mr Tsepo Bhengu, Co-founder & CEO, REWOVEN, Rewoven is a Cape Town based innovation project recycling fabric.
  • Ms Olivia Okinyi, Co-founder of Pine Kazi, Kenyan Start-up producing Footwear from pine waste and winner of the Fashionomics Africa Online Contest
  • Ms Amira Sonbol, Founder of GREEN FASHION 
  • Ms Rym Jelassi, Tunisian Textile and Clothing Federation (FTTH)