Switch:COLAB at WCEF 2023 – listen to experience of designing and realizing collaborative circular economy demonstrations

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To transition towards a circular economy, the value chains of key sectors such as plastic packaging, textiles, and ICT and electronics must be transformed. The Switch:COLAB is a consultative forum aims to bring together stakeholders from these sectors to discuss challenges, opportunities and strategies for creating circular economy value chains, and to exchange experiences from the implementation of two UNIDO-led, namely Switch to Circular Economy Value Chains and SwitchMed.

The session will widen the circle of the Circular Economy discourse, looking into different perspectives and experiences from a brand, the supplier level and governing institutions and hear what potential they see for CE strategies on a global level, also bringing in perspectives from emerging economies. REGISTER NOW.

The transition to a circular economy practices requires coherent practices by all actors of the value chains, from SMEs to leading companies in the global value chains. The “last mile” of working with their suppliers in the developing economies is difficult for multinationals in global value and supply chains. At the same time a multinational company has sufficient influence and resources to encourage, assist and/or convince the private sector in a developing country to make the necessary changes to their practices to become more circular to keep acting as their supplier. Suppliers face significant challenges (technical and financial) in adopting new circular economy practices and the project is aimed at supporting them in this process.


  • Roberta De Palma, Chief Technical Adviser, SwitchMed, UNIDO
  • Mark Draeck, Chief Technical Adviser, Switch2CE, UNIDO
  • Bernard Crabbé, Head of Environment and Mainstreaming Sector DG INTPA, European Commission
  • Malena Sell, Specialist, Unit for Sustainable Trade, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
  • Private Sector participant –: Alexander Granberg, Sustainability Project Specialist, BESTSELLER, Textiles
  • Association participant: Fatima-Zohra Alaoui, General Manager, AMITH, Morocco’s textile and apparel industry association