Webinar on the Circular Economy Transition

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Objectives of the course


The overall objective of this series of webinars on “European Green Deal – Greening EU cooperation” is to enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of the European Green Deal and its implications for EU cooperation; and strengthen the capacity of the participants in “Greening EU cooperation” through integrating environment and climate change-related themes into all sectors and all instruments of EU international partnerships. 

The specific objectives of this webinar on Accelerating the Circular Economy Transition webinar are for participants to:

  • enhance their knowledge and understanding of the interlinkages among the European Green Deal’s main priority areas, focusing on the circular economy;
  • be updated on the EU Circular Economy Action Plan implementation with focus on its international dimension (state of play, latest policy developments and implications for EU cooperation);
  • be acquainted with practical approaches in circular economy policy development and implementation, including lessons learnt from relevant EU cooperation initiatives;
  • be informed about relevant circular economy related tools and guidance available.


The webinar will cover:

  • Going circular: building the case for a circular economy transition
  • EU’s ambition to lead a global transition to the circular economy: fostering a just transition to a greener and more resilient future. The session will discuss implications to EU international cooperation from the Circular Economy Action Plan implementation, giving practical examples of circular economy policy responses to inequality, growth, jobs, pollution, and nature protection.
  • Regional and national level processes towards a circular economy. The session will illustrate national policy initiatives to promote circularity, giving examples from Eastern & Southern Africa, as well as selected countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa.
  • Circular economy intervention areas: thinking circular in EU cooperation sectors. The session will illustrate circular economy links to EU cooperation sectors, with practical examples across selected priority value chains, and in cities, including PSD & Trade, Urbanisation (Sustainable Cities), and Digitalisation.
  • Information on tools and further guidance will be provided as a cross-cutting issue.
  • Measuring circularity within EU supported interventions will be discussed as a cross-cutting issue. Examples of indicators measuring circularity in EU international cooperation interventions where relevant.

Target audience

Open to all EU staff working in EU Delegations or Headquarters, notably staff dealing with cooperation areas related to the circular economy, including private sector development, trade, economic integration, sustainable finance, employment, cities, environment and climate change, etc. Those who are not working in environment / climate change sectors are particularly encouraged to participate.


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