WCEF Accelerator Session: The EU in the global Circular Economy Transition: Inspiration, Incentive and Market Leverage

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The circular economy is taking root in a variety of countries in all regions of the world. The EU, as a frontrunner, is willing to engage with partners across the globe to promote the CE transition, using all the tools of external relations: trade and markets, green diplomacy, technical assistance, financial support.

WHEN: Thursday 18 April 2024; 9:00 – 11:30 am

WHERE Spaces, Rue Belliard 40, 1040 Brussels;


Are EU initiatives towards a circular economy transition a source of inspiration, paving the way for innovative policies, business and market practices, while bolstering competitiveness? Or do they risk creating barriers for market access or global trade? This Accelerator Session showcases a variety of experiences and partnerships supported by the EU to accelerate the circular economy transition. It aims to give voice to those inspired and drawn to the circular economy path and to gather feedback on the challenges that need to be addressed.

Why Attend?

  • Be Inspired: Learn from Elizabeth Tuerk, Director at UNECE, how the European path has catalysed a circular economy stakeholder platform for Central Asia and discover whether the African Union Continental Circular Economy Action Plan resembles the European one.
  • Delve into Challenges by exploring the situation of businesses in Asia and Eastern and Southern Africa and find out how EU actions like the SWITCH-Asia programmes addresses these challenges.
  • Discover the latest policies on circular economy presented by the Directorate General for Environment
  • Engage with Global Stakeholders like the Green Economy Coalition and the Green Growth Knowledge Partnership to explore how to reach and support large numbers of businesses and citizens in their transition to a circular economy.

Session Highlights:

  • Strategic Insights: Gain valuable insights from DG INTPA on their external relation toolbox and their strategic approach to supporting the transition to a circular economy
  • Examples from the field: Learn from the success stories of the EU funded Al-Invest Verde programme, which targets SMEs in Latin America, and the Enhancing Transparency and Traceability for More Sustainable Value Chains in the Garment and Footwear Industry project operating in Uzbekistan.
  • Collaborative Support: Discover the global assistance provided by EU (co-)funded initiatives, such as the Partnership for Action on the Green Economy and the upcoming EU Circular Economy Resource Centre.

 This hybrid session is organised by the European Commission Directorates General for International Partnerships, co-organised by the EU SWITCH-Asia Programme, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the Green Growth Knowledge Platform, and the Partnership for Action on the Green Economy with support of the SWITCH to Green Facility.

This event is an accelerator session at the World Circular Economy Forum 2024 (www.WCEF2024.com). WCEF2024 is guided by the latest scientific evidence on the most impactful circular solutions and explores how to turn them from theory to action.

 Join the conversation to accelerate the circular economy transition. Book your calendar now to save the date for this session on EUs partnerships on the Circular Economy!